SOHO Living is about creating communities rich in quality, luxury homes. We are a fresh, new residential property developer focused on building elegant and contemporary houses and townhouses that enhance a sense of pride and belonging in where you live or invest.

When you choose SOHO Living, you are investing in a space that instills both a physical and emotional connection to its design. Our developments are a smart investment where the strength in each homeowner’s individuality builds a diverse and welcoming community. The fresh, sharp aesthetics inject style and dignity into your lifestyle. SOHO Living inspires its communities to value exploration, expression of self and collaboration. Investing with Soho Living is investing in an optimistic future. Our developments aim to create lasting, elegant neighbourhoods that have a style and modernism that is pioneering and versatile – young and dynamic and thinking outside the box is what SOHO Living does best.

SOHO Purchasers

“Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success.”