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With a SOHO Living House and Land Package, you can build your dream home in a neighbourhood you’ll love living in, at a price that’s entirely within reach.


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The SOHO Advantage

  • Fixed price
  • Full turnkey
  • Premium inclusions as standard

Premium Turnkey House and Land Packages in Melbourne

Every house and land package option at SOHO Living is created by a team of architects and designers with a shared passion for community and home building. A house and land package gives buyers the opportunity to secure a block of land and construct their dream home within one fixed price and minimal paperwork. Contact SOHO Living today for attractive house and land packages in Melbourne.


Benefits of House and Land Packages in Melbourne


No Hidden Costs

Planning an investment is easier with combined house and land packages in Melbourne and Geelong. SOHO Living guarantees customers a fixed price that includes approvals, construction, design and interiors.


Attractive Investment Opportunity

With house and land packages in Melbourne and surrounding areas, investors have the opportunity to claim tax benefits and costs on depreciation for increased savings. Potential tenants are also more likely to choose brand new house and land properties in up-and-coming areas.


Convenient Turnkey Homes

SOHO Living provides customers with a range of house and land packages available at a fixed price with premium homes that feature high-quality home inclusions and custom designs.



House and Land Packages in Melbourne & Geelong

Our carefully selected house and land packages are located in some of Melbourne’s most sought-after areas.

House and land packages at SOHO Living are located in areas where community building and amenities are given priority. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer looking to settle down and start a family or an investor looking for a property with real growth potential, our master-planned communities are conveniently located near schools, playgrounds, shopping centres and other amenities.

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Why Build with SOHO Living

Here are just some of the reasons why we are Melbourne’s trusted land package builders:


Fixed Price

We believe in complete transparency; at SOHO Living, we provide customers with an all-inclusive, fixed price agreement with no hidden costs.


Turnkey Homes

As full-service home builders, we take care of everything, meaning your home will be move-in ready.


Premium Inclusions

SOHO Living gives customers the very best features from kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops to bathroom fittings and finishes to give each home a luxurious feel.


Customer Satisfaction

At SOHO Living, we not only build homes, but strong relationships with our customers and the communities we collaborate with.


Custom Home and Land Packages in Victoria

Contact SOHO Living for house and land packages in Lynbrook, Thornhill Park, Cranbourne and other popular locations across Melbourne.


Which documents are required for Proof of Land Ownership? 

Your conveyancer will provide you with a letter of settlement which is your responsibility to provide to SOHO Living, along with your formal finance approval from your bank or broker.

What is a site survey and soil test?

The site survey and soil test are necessary steps that are needed to build your new home. The soil test involves an SOHO Living engineer drilling into the soil to establish the type of soil we will be building on. We need this information in order to engineer the correct slab to support your home’s structure, and to establish which type of concrete is required for the job. The site survey of the land allows us to outline the precise levels of the lot, and locate its exact boundaries through the use of boundary pegs.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

You can contact your New Home Consultant with any questions or concerns. Once you have settled on your land, a building coordinator will be allocated to you, who will answer any questions from the settlement throughout construction.

Who will lodge my building permit?

SOHO Living is responsible for lodging your building permit per the HIA Contract. A building permit authorises the construction of a building or structure, as long as it complies with various building regulations. This includes things like the siting of dwellings, protection of adjoining properties during construction, structural adequacy, light, ventilation and drainage.

Am I eligible for the First Home Buyers grant?

The First Home Buyers grant is accessed through and administered by the relevant Government Authority. You can find out more about the First Home Buyers grant and what you need to do to apply by visiting the State Revenue Office’s website.  Please note that if you intend on applying for the First Home Buyers Grant or any other Government Grant, SOHO Living has no control or influence over the application process and we can’t promise that you will qualify for the Grant, nor are we liable for your application.

Who pays for utilities the during construction?

As part of your build, SOHO Living will provide you with physical connections to water, stormwater, sewer, gas and electricity. We will also set up an electricity account, as electricity is needed on site to construct your home. This electricity account will be the responsibility of SOHO Living until settlement, when we will transfer the account to you. After settlement is complete, you are welcome to maintain this account or arrange electricity with another provider. Please note that it will be your responsibility to pay any consumer account opening fees, rates or consumption on the water and gas accounts during the construction phase.

Do I need to arrange the connection of my phone and internet?

Yes, SOHO Living will only supply you with the physical provision for phone and internet (if applicable). That doesn’t include consumer account opening or connection fees.

When will I get my Stamped Approved Plans & Building Permit?

A copy of your building permit and stamped approved plans will be included in the finance pack you receive prior to construction commencing. Please note that your lender will require a copy of these documents in order to release your progress payments.

What documents do I need to provide to satisfy the financial requirements? When do I need to provide it?

In line with the HIA Contract, you must submit your formal finance and settlement letters within 45 days of settlement on your land. You can submit them via written confirmation from the Lending Body that your mortgage documents have been signed or in the form of a current bank statement in the owner’s name. We cannot proceed with construction if these documents haven’t been provided, so it is in the owner’s best interest to provide them as soon as possible.

Can I mix and match the interior colour schemes?

Our expert interior designers have carefully assembled our colour schemes to ensure the colours used in each scheme compliment each other perfectly. Because of our commitment to maintaining consistency of quality and value across all of our builds, we are not able to make changes to the colour schemes on offer.

Can I change my external colour scheme?

SOHO Living are committed to maintaining consistency in the quality and value of all of our builds. As a result, we’re not able to accommodate requests to make changes to the colour schemes we offer.

Can I supply items to be installed during construction?

SOHO Living is unable to accommodate this. SOHO Living is responsible for constructing the home in line with the Building Permit approved plans. Our responsibility is to maintain a certain quality of work and reputation for liability reasons. Any additional works or client-supplied items will need to be completed after settlement.

Can I have access to my home during construction? 

Yes, all clients have access at each build stage with their designated site supervisor. All site visits outside each stage should be pre-arranged with your site supervisor.

Do I need insurance during the construction stage?

Yes, SOHO Living will cover the insurance throughout the construction period. However, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have home and contents insurance post-handover.

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Meet Bonnie

I just signed on for a third investment with SOHO and have been dealing with Jaime - she has been amazing and even went the extra mile to help me do some market research on 3 and 4 bedroom rental returns for my investment. Their new designs and colour schemes are awesome and their inclusions and prices continue to be best in market from my perspective.