5 Tips to Use When Visiting a Display Home in Melbourne

With its vibrant culture and evolving real estate landscape, Melbourne offers many display homes for potential homeowners. These display home locations in Melbourne represent what a builder can offer, showcasing their craftsmanship, design sensibilities and attention to detail.

If you are considering a new home in Melbourne or Geelong, visiting these homes can be enlightening and inspiring. The question is, how can one ensure that their visit is both fruitful and informative? Here are some essential tips when visiting a display home by SOHO Living.



1. Understanding the Purpose of Display Homes

Before diving into the tips, it’s crucial to understand the significance of display homes. These properties are meticulously designed and built to showcase a builder’s capabilities. They offer potential homeowners a tangible feel of their future home, from layout to design nuances. Display homes in Melbourne and Geelong provide a wealth of inspiration.



2. Researching the Builder

Before setting foot in a display home, having background knowledge about the builder is beneficial.

Experience and Past Projects: Familiarise yourself with the builder’s past projects in Melbourne. This gives you a sense of their style and quality.

Builder’s Signature Styles: Each builder might have a unique design style. Knowing this can help align your expectations.



3. Defining Your Goals

Clarifying your goal from the visit can make it more productive. Are you looking for specific design elements, layout inspiration or available floor plans? Knowing this can help you focus your attention during the visit.



4. Preparing Questions

Preparing a list of questions can ensure you get all the critical information.

Customisation Options: What customisation options are available for the homes on display?

Construction Details: Can you provide details about the construction materials used for the homes?

Eco-friendly Features: Are any sustainable practices or eco-friendly features incorporated into the designs?



5. Deciding Factors: Considering Budget and Priorities

Your financial considerations should be at the forefront of your visit to a display home in Geelong. How do the homes on display align with your budget and long-term financial goals? Are any incentives or financing options available for purchasing a home from this builder?



Wrapping Up Your Display Home Journey

Now that you know our tips when visiting a display home, visiting a display home in Geelong can be an enlightening experience, offering a wealth of information and inspiration; however, it’s essential to come prepared to make the most of it. With the right set of questions, clear goals and a bit of background research, you can ensure that your visit is both productive and informative. Happy house hunting!


With many display home locations in Melbourne, Schedule an appointment with SOHO Living for an in-person tour or experience the elegance virtually from the comfort of your home. Contact us online or call us on 13 76 46.

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